Can ObamaCare impact the art world?




According the the Legatum Prosperity Index, the most prosperous countries in the world all enjoy personal freedom, quality education, peacetime, a successful political system, plenty of opportunity, and good healthcare. The US came in 11th overall, but dropped to 24th in the economy sub-index. There have been many times that I myself feel trapped in a job/situation because of the insurance. Luckily for us, ObamaCare is coming into effect. Will it be possible to feel more freedom? Will this lead to trying out a new business adventure? Try to live your dreams? Less regret? Become a full time artist? A boost in the economy? A possible renaissance period? Maybe I’m getting carried away, or maybe not, but I can see that this will allow for more opportunities. Better opportunities is what made America so amazing in the first place! Hence, ObamaCare can be helpful for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this. Live long and prosper.


Possible Art Show? Important Questions to Ask.

As you know, being an artist is tough. Getting your art work out there is not an easy task. So after applying to postings and getting accepted, should you ask questions? Absolutely. You should know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Yes, perhaps it is a great honor, an amazing opportunity, and a wonderful addition to your CV, but you need to see what is a good fit for you and your art and your situation. Will this benefit you? Will you grow? I used to think any opportunity was a great one, but now I am more calculated. These are 4 important points to consider & weight against yourself:

  1. Exposure time – You must consider the length of time your work will be exposed to the public, who, & how the public will see your work.
  2. Cost of the event for viewers – Will the event cost any money for the viewers? Will the entry fee hinder viewers from coming?
  3. Cost to you – How much will the set-up cost you in lost day job hours, in actually money, in gas, props etc? And don’t forget the huge cost of your time. Will this require an immediate set-up and teardown? 
  4. Cost of your work – What percentage of the sale will the event holder keep? Will they cover shipping? Who is responsible for damage?  

If you are going to take yourself seriously as an artist, you must protect yourself by asking hard questions. Questions that are not easy to ask or may not be easy for your event coordinator to answer. If it does not fit your criteria & audience, how can it be a good fit your you? I’m not saying that you should take the easy route by turning down an opportunity, but rather make a hard and calculated decision after you have all the puzzle pieces. For example: A short event may be a great choice, if it includes proper exposure. Apply, get accepted, and may the best event win! 

Artist We Love – Vik Muniz

A few years ago I fell in love with a documentary that tugged on every emotion that I have. The documentary is called Waste Land and it depicts the lives of Brazilian garbage pickers working in the world’s largest landfill. Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz travels back to his home country with the purpose of helping the less fortunate employees of the Jardim Gramacho landfill. He wants to accomplish this by collaborating with them to create beautiful works of art. Also, if Muniz is able to sell the work he would donate all earnings to the workers. I love this documentary and highly recommend that people watch it. In actuality you don’t have to be into art or politics to take away a lot from this film. As soon as I saw it on Netflix I knew I had to share it with others. So please check out Waste Land and see how something as hideous as a landfill can produce so much beauty.


Do what the BOK you want to!

People judge us all the time. We judge people and situations all the time too. Come on, you do it! No matter how “holy” you think you are. See you are judging me right now! Sometimes one cannot stand a certain person for [enter reason here] & it needs not make sense. A simple glance or a silly word can completely put us off from certain people. So if people are going to judge you, and they will, why not just go after the things you really want? Why put off that art business idea you have been brewing in your mind for years? Why put off that idea for a series that you have? Will people judge you? Yes, they will.


But I say, BOK them! Let your weird flag fly! Life is took short to spent it wishing and wanting. Go out there and try it! It’s time to stop being a chicken! Have the audacity to be great. Have the audacity to be you.